Immermoed Rhodesian Ridgebacks

We are Christien & Antoon, a couple living in one of the northern provinces of the Netherlands, beautiful Drenthe with its forrests and heath. We both grew up in a small villagetown nearby.

Antoon has his own gardening company for over 10 years now and does forestry and tree working as well.

I, Christien, got my Master of Veterinary Sciences in Ghent in february'18. Now I am working as a vet for companion animals and horses in a veterinary practice nearby.


We live on the edge of a small village with the forrest in our backyeard 'Heerlijkheid de Eese'. On our many walks we share the forrest with a large number of small game and roe-deer. We always keep an eye on the forrest edges for those, since Ringo and Halla are always in the mood for a game of catch ;).


A Ridgebacks favorite spot in the house is directly in front of the wood stove. If they aren´t there you'll find them lying in between us on the couch, never failing to hear anything approaching our doorstep.


In november 2019 we became one step closer to our dream by getting our F.C.I. kennelname: Immermoed (prefix) officially registered. In the progress of registration we were visited by a member of the Dutch Kennelclub, Raad van Beheer, for a location check to see if everything was in order for breeding.


Besides our Rhodesian Ridgeback we have two Irish Cobs and a small rabbitry.

A real life on the countryside ;)