NJK'21 Immermoed Play the Game - Kinga - gained his last two needed junior points in one weekend at the International Dogshow of Maastricht 25th and 26th september'21! Also uncle Harley, brother of Halla, gained his last needed CAC for Dutch Champion!

Uncle Harley (N'Gai Zamu Excellency Brougham) and (grand)father Hunter (Mafinga Hombarume)


NJK'21 Immermoed You're My Best Friend - Evi - gained best junior female and junior BOB in a big class of 26 junior Ridgebacks at the RRCN speciality show on 11 september'21. With this show she recieved her last needed point for her Dutch Junior Championtitle at the age of 12 months!!

Immermoed I Want It All - Pip - gained an Excellent in the big junior class females!

Immermoed Play The Game - Kinga - gained 2nd placement in junior class males! Pictures will follow.

JW'18, W'18, NJK'19 N'Gai Zamu Excellency Javelin - Halla - gained 4th placement in a huge open class females (30)!

A Queen Tribute Litter celebrating their first Birthday!

Puppy Reunion A-Litter 2021

At 11 months of age we finally could have our puppy reunion. 9 out of 12 puppies were present: Kinga, Siem, Rocco, Kito, Lola, Ziva, Sil, Pip and Evi. It was a lovely day and we are very proud with the development of our Queen Tribute Litter and the loving families they have found!!!

Dogshow Zeeland 

First show for the Immermoed pack, first show after COVID and after Halla had her litter... and what a day it was!! 25 Entries:

- Immermoed You're My Best Friend 'EVI': junior class winner (jCAC)

- Immermoed Play The Game 'KINGA': junior class winner, best male, BOB (jCAC + CAC)

- N'Gai Zamu Excellency Javelin 'HALLA: open class winner, reserve best female (resCAC)

Proud of our offspring and start of their show career at 10 months. For Halla this means we just need 1 resCAC to close her Dutch Champion title!

Immermoed Play The Game best junior - best male - BOB, 10 months

So proud of Kinga (mr dark blue), loved, owned and handled by Berdine