Born A Viking Litter

For summer 2022 we expect our B-Litter with Halla. They are due around 25th of May.

Her heat started a little bit earlier than expected. Last weekend of March we visited our Norwegian friends at Ridgedogs Kennel, Ann Kristin and Kristina Wien Stubberud in Gran. There we met them and their handsome boy Ridgedogs True Love Hugo. 

Halla and Hugo liked each other right away. Hugo is a social stable boy with good substantial bone, nice round eyes, nice mask, nice forechest and depth of chest, good angulations and strong catfeet and nice long tail. He loves to work with you and even likes to do fun sports like agility. On walks he gets his own backpack and inside the house he is very calm and sweet.


We hope out of the combination of Hugo and Halla to get puppies with good substantial bone, strong but social (working) temperament. So for these pups we look for fitting consistent and active families where the RR wil be a familymember through and through. For serious requists we still have some room on our waiting list.

jCH N'Gai Zamu Excellency Javelin 'Halla' & Ridgedogs True Love 'Hugo' - 25 & 26 March 2022 

Pedigree offspring

Information on Halla & Hugo

Dam:                                                                      JW'18, W'18, NJK'19 N'Gai Zamu Excellency


(C.I.B Mafinga Hombarume x Of Golden Gate Highlands Be Forever)


Dutch Junior Champion'19

Crufts Qualification'19

RRCN Speciality BOS junior'19

BOB Amsterdam Winner'18

Amsterdam Winner'18

Amsterdam Junior Winner'18

World Dog Show BOS baby'18

Candidate Dutch Champion

Candidate German Champion

Candidate E.L.S.A clubchampion


HD: A - ED: free - OCD shouders: free

Height: 66cm - Weight: 40 kg

L7 normal, no spondylosis

Complete dentition, scissor bite



EOAD: High Confidence Clear

Hemophylia A&B: N/N

Glaucoma (POAG): N/N

Dilute: D/D

Brown: B/B

Ridge: R/R

Heart ultrasound & Holter test: clear

Sire:                                                                      Ridgedogs True Love Hugo


(Saimon's Praide Never Give Up x NUCH Ridgedogs Made With Love Adele)


                                                                       Candidate Norwegian Champion                             Candidate International Champion


HD: B - ED: free 

Height: 69 cm - Weight 50 kg

Complete dentition, scissor bite


EOAD: High Confidence Clear

Hemophylia A&B: N/N

Dilute: D/D

Brown: B/b

Ridge: R/R