JW'18, W'18, NJK´19 N'Gai Zamu Excellency Javelin - Halla

A new packmember!

2018 is a year with a new addition to our pack. We were searching for a while when we learned that litterplans were made for Hunter and Morgan. At N'Gai Zamu kennel at 13th of March the Excellency litter had arrived and was raised under loving care of Katja Mateboer-Siebers. There are 10 Beautiful pups (4 boys and 6 girls).  One girl has found her way into our home and hearts. Her name: N'Gai Zamu Excellency Javelin. We named her Halla.



Meaning: unexpected gift (African)

Named after the famous German 'Halla, wonder mare', of Hans Günter Winkler. She was known for her spirit and wasn't always easy to handle. She and Winkler formed a perfect team which was highlighted in the Olympics of 1956. Her run became legend when she carried an heavily injured Winkler to the gold medal. Winkler could only lead her the way, Halla did the rest.

Achiefments at 12 months

Reunion at 8 months

BOS baby class