Short List

Dutch Champion

BOS Junior Dutch Ridgeback Club Specialty

Dutch Junior Champion 2019

Vice Luxembourg Junior Champion 2019

Crufts Qualification 2019                                                                      39 shows:

Amsterdam Winner 2018                                                                        14x 1st                                              

Amsterdam Junior Winner 2018                                                           9x 2nd

World Dog Show 2018 BOS baby                                                          10x 3rd

                                                                                                                       5x 4th

100% excellent score

Candidate German Champion (2 of 5 CAC)

1x BOB at 9 months and 3 days of age

1x BOS junior

1x BOB - BIG-1 puppy

1x BOS baby

Show Class Result
Dutch Winner Champion 1 ex - res CACIB
Fryslân Cup Champion 3 ex
Herbstsieger Dortmund Champion 4 ex
Bundessieger Dortmund Champion ex
CAC/IB Lovaniumtrofee Leuven (B) Champion 1 ex - res CAC - res CACIB
RRCN Speciality Show Champion 1 ex
CAC/IB Lingen (Ger) Champion 2 ex - res CAC
CAC/IB Schaal der Kempen (B) Champion 1 ex
CAC/IB Martinidogshow Groningen Champion 2 ex
RRCN Speciality Show Champion ex
International Gundogshow Holland Open 1 ex - res CAC - Dutch Champion
Eindhoven Open 4 ex
Bleiswijk day 2 Open ex
Bleiswijk Holland Cup Open 2 ex
Crufts Qualification Genk Open 3 ex
RRCN Speciality Show Open 4 ex
Zwolle Open 4 ex
Gorinchem Open 4 ex
Zeeland Open 1 ex - res CAC
Groningen Intermediate 1 ex - best female 3
Groningen Intermediate 2 ex
Kerst Winner Intermediate 2 ex
Bundessieger Dortmund (D) Intermediate 1 ex - 2x CAC VDH + 1x CAC ELSA
RRCN Speciality Show Youth 1 ex - Dutch Junior Champion + CAC
Luxembourg/Benelux Winner (L) Youth 2 ex
Rotterdam Youth 2 ex
Rotterdam Youth 3 ex
Golden Dog Trophy Liège (B) Youth ex
Limburgia Dogshow Youth 3 ex
Venray Youth 1 ex - res CAC
Oss Youth 3 ex
Goes Youth 3 ex
Goes Youth 2 ex - res CAC
Hanzeshow Zwolle Youth 3 ex
IJsselshow Zwolle Youth 3 ex
Benelux Winner Youth 3 ex
Peerd van Ome Loeks Youth 2 ex
Valentijnshow Kynospirit Youth BIS-3
Amsterdam Winner Youth (just 9 months) 1 ex - BOB - Junior Winner + Winner - 2x CAC - Crufts Qualification
KC Sneek Puppy 1 ex - BIG-1 puppy
RRCN Specialty Show Puppy 3 ex
World Dog Show Amsterdam Baby 1 ex - BOS baby

Bundessieger Dortmund                   Herbstsieger Dortmund

Entrees 74 - Champion class excellent                       Entrees 65 - Champion class excellent 4th pl.

Lovaniumtrofee 28-10-23 

Entries 22, Judge ms. A. Tarjan. Championclass ex1 - resCAC/resCACIB

RRCN Speciality

CAC/IB Lingen (Germany)

Champion Class - 2 ex res CAC VDH - Judge: mr T. Viets (NL)

International Gundogshow Holland

Open class 1st placement (36 entries, 8 in class) - 2nd best female res CAC - Judge: Mr. H. Salm

Dogshow Eindhoven

Open class: 4 ex (73 entries, 13 in class) - Judge: Ms. M. Vermeire (B)

Bleiwijk Holland Cup day 1                  Bleiswijk day 2 

Open class 2 ex (entries 66, class 13)                          Open class ex (entries 67, class 12)

Crufts Qualification Genk

Open Class: ex 3 - Judge: Mr. A. Mracevic (ME)

RRCN Speciality 

Open Class: 4 ex (30 in class, 144 entries) - Judge: Ms. M. Pehr 

Dogshow Gorinchem

Open Class: ex 4 - Judge: Ms. G. Half - van Boven

Dogshow Zeeland 4 july 2021

Open Class first placement - res CAC - Judge J. de Cuyper

Martini Dogshow Groningen 1 march 2020

Intermediate Class excellent first placement - Judge J. Wauben

Martini Dogshow Groningen 29 february 2020

Intermediate Class excellent second placement - Judge M. Johansson

Christmas Winner Netherlands 2019

Second placement in intermediate class

Bundessieger Dortmund 2019

1st placement intermediate class out of 13 females. 2x CAC VDH + 1x CAC club ELSA, judge mr. H. Kliebenstein. Total entree Ridgebacks 137

40th Anniversary RRCN specialty show 2019

!! Halla became first in junior class and BOS junior becoming   Dutch Junior Champion !!

Entries: 155 Rhodesian Ridgebacks - Junior class females: 20 entries, Judge Gael Morison             In a strong class Halla gained her last point for Dutch Junior Champion!! And now only half a CAC away from achieving Dutch Championship!

98th International Dogshow Luxembourg'19

Vice Luxembourg Junior Champion - Judge: Bojan Matakovic

61 entrees - 5 junior class females

International Dogshow Rotterdam 25th august 2019

Halla gained on this second hot day a second placement in female junior class (class entry 7).

International Dogshow Rotterdam 24th august 2019

On this first hot day Halla gained 3rd placement in junior class females (class entry 8)

Golden Dog Trophy Liège'19

Judge: mr J-P Achtergaal. Excellent junior class 

Limburgia Dogshow´19

07/07/19 Halla gained 3rd placement excellent in junior class. Entries 35, 8 in junior class. Judge: Ms. L. Kersbergen

Pinkstershow Venray 

1st excellent junior female - reserve best female with reserve CAC  (35 entries - 8 in class) Judge: Ms L. De Ridder-Onghena

Dogshow Oss

3rd excellent junior female - judge: Mr T. Rainey

Dogshow Goes

Day 1: Junior Class 2nd, res best bitch (res CAC) Judge: Mss M. Kärdi                                                    Day 2: Junior Class 3rd Judge: Mr R. Tolson

IJsselshow & Hanzeshow Zwolle

Crufts 2019

Entries: 223 Rhodesian Ridgebacks                                                            Qualifier Medal Crufts'19

Benelux Winner'18

3rd placement excellent in Junior Class, Judge: J. Coppens

Peerd van Ome Loeks Show 

2nd placement excellent in Junior Class, Judge: E. Deutscher

Valentijnshow Kynospirit'19

            Best in Show - 3

!!!Amsterdam Winner 2018!!!

JW'18, W'18 and BOB at her first time competing in junior class at the age of 9 months and 3 days Crufts Qualification' 19, 1x JCAC, 2x CAC - Entries: 60, Judge: B. Sluiter

KCS Sneek Clubmatch 20 october 2018

Puppyclass: 1st placement, best Ridgeback puppy and best puppy in group 6 (BIG1)

RRCN Clubmatch 2018 at Houten

Puppyclass: 3rd placement, right after two german puppy's.                                                               Our first rosette!

!!World Dog Show Amsterdam 2018!!

Halla became BOS baby

At the 10th of august Halla entered her first show. In an international baby class she gained 1st place and became best baby bitch under judge Janusz Opara (PL)!!


What a wonderful start of her show cariere!!

Her brother gained 2nd place baby dogs, dam Morgan gained 'excellent', sire Hunter competed within the last 5 dogs in champion class. Granddam Dziya became best veteran bitch and great granddam Ijaba also competed with her 13 years!

For now, growing up and playing ;)