Day 61 after OV

Day 58 after OV

Day 53 nails start forming

Day 39

Day 37 after OV

Day 32 after OV

Day 27 after OV - ultrasound showed us a bunch of little ones!!

Day 25 after OV - fetus starts to develop eyes, ears, nose, jaw and organs

Day 22 after OV

Day 2 after OV

Halla & Hugo liked each other right away - running and playing first!!

Trip to Norway

Halla started her heat 6th of March, a bit earlier then expected

after this she had a delay in bleeding, which started again on 10th of March (counting from 6th)

Day 12: <1.2

Day 15: 1.9

Day 17 evening: 5 - Day 18 we went to Norway