Colours of the Heart Litter 2024

Our Kennel Club granted our chosen puppynames! Introducing:

The Boys

Immermoed Red Jasper

Immermoed Mango Tango

Immermoed Spring Frost

Immermoed Mountain Meadow

Immermoed Blue Bolt

Immermoed Purple Heart

Immermoed Outer Space

The Girls

Immermoed Cotton Candy

Immermoed Misty Rose

Immermoed Tickle Me Pink

Immermoed Purple Mountains' Majesty

Immermoed You're Bluetiful

Immermoed Green Honeydew

Immermoed Desert Sand


Date of Birth: 06-02-2024

We welcome 7 boys and 7 girls, Evi and her puppies are doing great! For now caring, loving and growing