Week 1 - The arrival of our Queen Litter -

Friday 14th of August Halla decided it was time... She gave birthe to a stunning number of 13 puppies, all in the course of 12 hours time. First our biggest one, Mr Black, arrived. He was followed  by Miss Purple, Pink and Yellow. Then Mr Dark Blue, Miss Orange, Light Blue and White came. After Mr Green, Miss Red, Brown en Mr Gray it became quiet... after almost 4 hours waiting Miss No Colour was the one to close the row. Average birthweight: 419 grams.

Individual pictures 1.5 week - eyes opening

Ms. White

Ms. Red

Ms. Brown

Ms. Pink (former no colour)

Ms. Light Blue

Mr. Grey

Mr. Grey

Ms. Purple

Mr. Dark Blue

Mr. Green

Mr. Black

Ms. Yellow

Mr. Dark Blue

Ms. Orange

The Boys

Mr Black - standard

Mr Green - standard

Mr Blue - standard

Mr Grey - standard

The Girls

Miss Purple - standard

Miss Pink - standard ☆

Miss Yellow - standard

Miss Orange - multicrown

Miss Light Blue - standard

Miss Red - multicrown/kinked tail

Miss No Colour - standard

Miss Brown - standard

Miss White - standard

Proud Halla with her 2 batches of pups