All the other stuff and fun sports we do...

Coursing Jubbega 2023

Halla and Evi flying!

Coursing Jubbega 2021

Evi, 2nd placement, our little jumping bunny 

Zima! Got the taste of coursing right away, fun!!

Halla, 8th time (first run until first corner before she returned, second run she got the taste)

Ringo, no placement, but biggest fun! He turned everyone's heads by his hauling haha

Aekingerzand 2020

Running with the wind 2019

Our Kings & Queens

Coursing Jubbega 2018

Picture by: Edward Veldkamp

                                                                                                                    Picture by: Edward Veldkamp                                                                                 

Workshop detection

Endurace test (UV)

Happy four after succeeding the endurance test

Skijöring Austria 2017

Skijöring Austria 2017

We are practising for VZH (obedience test previous to IPO) and the UV-test (endurance test)

Coursing Jubbega'16

Coursing start

Coursing RRCN Jubbega'16

Kolonierun'16 Canicross

Company on fishingtrips

Coursing Jubbega'15

     Young dogs

Company on horsetrails

Obedience exam passed with 89 points out of 100