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3x 2nd placement                                                                                                                                                      2x 3rd placement                                                                                                                                                        1x 4th placement


Herbstsieger Dortmund

Veteran class excellent 2nd placement res CAC VDH and res CAC DZRR club

Bundessieger Dortmund

Veteran class excellent 3rd placement

Lovaniumtrofee CAC/IB

Entries 22, Judge ms A. Tarjan, Veteran class ex2

Dogshow Goes

Excellent open class

Peerd van Ome Loeks Show 

4th placement very good Open Class

!! World Dog Show Amsterdam 2018 !!

Ringo gained under judge Martin Croeser from South Africa an 'excellent' in a strong open class. Yes, we are so happy!

Hanzeshow 8th october 2017

Verry Good - 3rd place  Judge: J.H Stigt

Handled by Gabrielle Veenstra

3 years, very manly dog, bit heavy in head, good stop, strong muzzle, correct bite, enough dark eye, nice expression, would like to see a bit more forechest and deeper ribcage, elbows need to connect more, would like to see more angulation in front, angulation rear is fine, correct ribcage, fitting bone and paws, tail is carried too happy during movement and tucks up loin a bit. Nice presentation

KCM Heteren '17 Open Class

Very Good                                                                           Judge: Ms. A.B. Sluiter

Very Good

KCM Heteren'16 Open Class: VG Judge: R. Brunberg Johansen

4. of June attended a nice and clearly explained theory course on dog showing.


    Martinishow'16 Mid-Class: G. Judge M.                 Trésoor

Very Good

Hanzeshow Zwolle'15 Youth Class : VG, 2nd place. Judge: R. Hübenthal

Very Good

KCM Houten'15 Youth Class: VG. Judge: L. Barnes