Apollon - Ringo -

Born in the Netherlands in a loving home at 15th of may 2014, Apollon arrived as 8th pup in a litter of 9 (6-3). Litter theme: Greek Gods and Goddesses. He got his name - Apollon - we call him Ringo. He has been our little star ever since and made us fall in love with the breed even more.

Ringo is a medium sized dog with his hight of 68 cm. Balanced in front and back with average angulations, not to exorbitant. He is very even tempered and stoic, but gets into second gear when seeing the coursing lure (and above all, his hauling can be heard from all over the place).

Ringo is available as stud for suiting females.

Pedigree and health tests



6 years

5 years