'A Queen Tribute' Litter 2020

All puppies of our Queen Litter have found wonderfull homes. We don't have any new litterplans for 2020/2021.

21-08: Dutch Kennel Club approved our names for this litter!!


- Immermoed Bohemian Rhapsody

- Immermoed I want to Break Free

- Immermoed Play the Game

- Immermoed We Will Rock You



- Immermoed Love of my Life

- Immermoed Killer Queen

- Immermoed I want it all

- Immermoed You're my best Friend

- Immermoed Who wants to live Forever

- Immermoed The Show must go on

- Immermoed Don't stop me now

- Immermoed Heaven for Everyone

- Immermoed Spread your Wings ☆ 

The adventure has started...

16-06-20: D-Day.... all went perfectly. Now fingers crossed nature is kind and will show us puppies on the ultrasound on 13th of July 🍀

Waiting list is closed

We proudly present our planned combination for this summer! After an extended search over quite some time we found our Mr Right in the handsome three year old Rufa (C.I.B and Multi Ch. Lobengula Mwai Imara) from Latvia. Rufa has a strong healthy physic, balanced character and is a true mover.

We would like to thank Zhanna for her trust in Halla and us and for making this combination possible. No distance to far to meet -xxx-

We believe that Halla and Rufa will complement each other with their own characteristics as well as their bloodlines. It will be Halla her first litter. For Rufa it will be a first litter in the Netherlands. In 2019 Halla & Rufa met and got a click right away. Have had them next to each other confirmed our choice.

Waiting list has already been closed. If there will be puppies available we will let you know.

Info parents

Dam: JW'18, W'18, NJK'19 N'Gai Zamu Excellency


(C.I.B Mafinga Hombarume x Of Golden Gate Highlands Be Forever)


Dutch Junior Champion'19

Crufts Qualification'19

RRCN Speciality BOS junior'19

BOB Amsterdam Winner'18

Amsterdam Winner'18

Amsterdam Junior Winner'18

World Dog Show BOS baby'18


HD: A - ED: free - OCD shouders: free

Height: 66cm - Weight: 38 kg

L7 normal, no spondylosis

Complete dentition, scissor bite



EOAD: High Confidence Clear

Hemophylia A&B: N/N

Glaucoma (POAG): N/N

Dilute: D/D

Brown: B/B

Ridge: R/R

Sire: C.I.B and multi CH. Lobengula Mwai Imara


(C.I.B and multi CH. Kadamo It's Now Or Never x WW'16 Lobengula Chimwala Kanzi)


Champion of:

Finland - Czech Republic - Russia, RKF - Poland - Lithuania - Latvia - Estonia - Belarus - Baltics

Crufts Qualification'19'20

Latvian Winner'18'19

Estonian Winner'18'19

Helsinki Winner'18

Junior Champion of:

Latvia - Lithuania - Estonia - Baltics - Czech Republic - Russia - Belarus

2019 nr 2 top showdog Latvia


HD: A - ED: free - OCD shoulders: free

Height: 68,5cm - Weight: 45 kg

Complete dentition, scissor bite

L7 normal, no spondylosis



EOAD: High Confidence Clear

Hemophylia B: N/N

Thyroid check'19: normal

Eyes clear

Dilute: D/D

Brown: B/B

Ridge: R/r